Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sea Salt VS Resolve inking technique

Good afternoon! I had the day off today, so I decided to throw a little crafting into the daily boring cleaning day!
I had seen on Pinterest an inking technique using Oxyclean. I decided to try this out and compare it to the "sea salt" technique. For my laundry whitener I decided to try Resolve. I will show you the sea salt technique first then the Resolve, and then compare them both with some pro and cons :)

These are the products I used for the salt technique. In both cases, I used these Dylusions sprays on watercolour paper. I worked quickly to spray the whole surface because you want to add the sea salt to WET ink! If an area dries, I added a bit more spray or water to that area. Sprinkle the salt on and set aside to dry.

Sea salt on the ink and beginning to react and dry.
A close-up of the dry can see the sea salt pushes the colour outwards.
Sea salt my surprise there are orangey brown spots under the salt???
A close-up for you :)

So now on to the Resolve....
Same inks and paper but used Resolve laundry.
Resolve pushes away the ink as soon as you sprinkle it on....but then nothing else for a patient, it is worth it :)
A close-up of the dry paper...the Resolve REMOVED colour and gave me new colours like yellow and a pinkish colour in the blue (sorry you can't see that!)
I think you can see the pink in this photo :) LOVE this!!!!
A close-up of the Resolve effect.

So both techniques gave really cool and very different results! Both added new colours to the inked sheet, BUT Resolve did so much more dramatically! Both warped the watercolour paper, but the Relsolve did so more, I think it was because I did spray it with more water. Both are under heavy books right now to press them. 
So for sheets that started off almost identical...they sure morphed into completely different looks :) One girly and one more boyish lol!
I plan to doddle on them like I saw done on this Pinterest post HERE. I am going to try this with pinks and oranges next, so I can cut out pretty flowers :) :) :)

I was inspired to do this post by May over at the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge: No rules. May showed an awesome video playing with inks....I could watch videos like these for hours lol :)

Have a great day...hope you get inky!
Hugs, TRace


Judy1223 said...

Oh yeah, I'd much rather play with this cool stiff than clean! WOW!!! What cool effcts! Love these colors to start with, and the neat effects are an extra cool bonus!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Love both pieces of art, will make fabulous backgrounds ! I love playing with Tombows, water & salt will have to try Dylusions and cleaner:) Looking forward to seeing what you create with these ! Have a great evening, Shirleyx

Anonymous said...

Bond says oh ya I know which one you prefer. You sure get a different look with them. I love them both but I know you like brighter colors. Thanks for the great blog giving us the differences of the two techniques. have fun making flowers and I am looking forward to seeing them on another project from you soon. :0)

Barb said...

So glad you shared this with us, Tracey! Very cool effects using both products!

paula said...

Hi Tracey, these are so cool! I love both effects & I can't wait to see what you do with these papers xoxoxo

paula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

This is a great post - love the bright funky colours and it! Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. Sarah.

Samantha Elliott said...

Fabby pieces here and great comparisons. Going to try our Vanish which I think is the same as your Resolve!! Thanks for the idea!


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